The biggest investment into Victoria’s public transport may still not be enough for Cardinia Shire.

The State Government has released the biggest investment into public transport in Victoria’s history, in the 2016 budget.

The Victorian State budget includes the addition of 170 regional V/Line trains, which will include $192 million for rebuilding of tracks and $141 million worth of maintenance repairs.

There will also be upgrades to the Cranbourbe-Pakenham line, which is the busiest during peak hours.

The upgrades to this line will boost capacity by up to 42 percent and accomodate an extra 11,000 people in the peak hours.

Cr Jodie Owen, is the current mayor of Cardinia Shire Council, and said that “The train system in Cardinia Shire is definitely outdated. We need more services, as the population grows we are not seeing a growth of services.”

“It is always great to get a Government to invest in Cardinia, however I would like to see further investment”.

With 27 towns existing outside of Packenham in Cardinia Shire it is a quickly growing area, sad Owen.

Owen said that “Cardinia is interesting as our railroads are vital for our working community.

All it takes for on hiccup on the Pakenham Line to destroy the working day for hundreds of residents”.

“Many seem to forget that we also have a lot of young people educated out of the shire”.

Owen also said that “The affects of the budget will negative if we do not get an ongoing investment, as our growth corridor continues to grow, we need to support our long term residents as well”.

Kirby May, is a student living in Packenham who commutes to the city for university, she said that “upgrades to this line will be good in the long run, but dealing with the work that this will need will be worse for me in the short run”.

Work on the Cranbourbe-Packenham line will begin in July and are expected to be finished in 2018.


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